Visiting Fellowship

October 24, 2016 · by · in

During this visit, Dr. Burlacu worked on a followup project that we developed at CBS co-jointly with ITEM, called “Study on Cross-Border Workers’ Income Implications in Limburg: Social, Fiscal Policy and Rules for X-Border Workers (NL-BE-DE) in Limburg, Belgium and Germany“. The proposed project relies on Burlacu & O’Donoghue (2014) methodology (PhD thesis project, MGSoG/UNU-MERIT/ITEM, FNR grant number 1096501). A seminar/presentation was held at CPS to discuss the application of EUROMOD micro-simulation programme in the context of free movement for work, with relevance for cross-border work.

The mentioned above project consists in setting up a methodological framework that would exhaustively register and monitor the fiscal and social security legal changes regarding cross-border workers (with ITEM) on one hand and it would build a statistical framework to collect and analyse the beneficiaries and tax payers of these programs (with CBS). This is an original and of practical use project addressed to cross-border workers and policy makers in the area (also, with applicability to cross-border companies). It currently awaits for its financial support for further advancement. 

Prior to this stay, Irina Burlacu also attended the EUROMOD Summer School of application of hypothetical data, organized as well by CPS. 


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